RÈV Home – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Our group and organization has been partnering with the RÈV Children’s Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti since it first began in June 2016. The RÈV Home now shelters 26 children. “Rev” literally means ‘dream’ in Haitian Creole. This home takes pride in not only providing these children with the opportunities to have three meals a day, have a place to live, and go to school, but allowing these children to dream and imagine. The director over the home, Amber Hasson, is an amazing young woman from Roanoke, VA, who works under Global Partners in Peace and Development. We have been working alongside her as soon as she took over the home and started it in June 2016. Caden and Mary Crosby were actually on the team that first helped move the children into their new home. We are so blessed to have been able to see these children grow and mature, not only physically but spiritually as well. We led a team in May 2017 that was able to establish running water and electrical power in the home for the first time, after they had lived in the home for over a year. We work at the RÈV home each trip we make to Haiti in utility projects as well as other projects to nuture the relationship we have with these children.

Rev Home’s 1 Year Birthday, June 2017

Local Limousine Ministry

You read that right. HOHAL has it’s own limousine! We love using our limousine to minister to the elderly in our community by taking out couples for their anniversary as well as widows out for their birthdays or gals night. We have also been honored to escort some special needs students to the prom as well!

Jehovah Rapha House – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Another home that we partner with in Haiti is the Jehovah Rapha house, which is a home for disabled and special needs children. It is a part of Don Shire Ministries. The house was founded in July 2012, and it is ran by Pastor Jean Phillipe Dare and his wife, Madame Yphoisa Dare, a nurse. There are currently 31 children in the home. In Haiti, children that have disabilities are viewed as a curse because of the voodoo influence. Many of these children in the home were abandoned in the street or used in actual voodoo ceremonies. These children experience disabilities of all kinds both physical and mental. Caden and Mary went to this home on their first trip in June 2016, and HOHAL has loved ministering to these children ever since. Each trip to Haiti, we take our team to help the Dares and nurses with feeding the children as well as singing, dancing, puppet shows, and providing donations of supplies to the home. We know these children are beautiful and made in God’s image and that they are very “special” in his eyes.

One of the kids at Don-Shire Jehovah-Rapha Home giving some love to Mary.