The trip I took with HOHAL was one of the best weeks of my life. I am from VA and got connected with Caden through social media about joining the team. From our first messages, the months of preparation, to meeting each other in the airport, HOHAL took such good care of my family and I the entire time. I could not have pictured our trip to Haiti going any better. These people love the Lord and it was so evident by their actions that their main goal was to just be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti. We were exposed to so many different elements of the country and It was organized and planned perfectly. I would 100% recommend taking a trip with HOHAL and hope that I can go back with them again!!

-Mackenzie P, 22 (Roanoke, VA)

“I went with HOHAL to Haiti on a Christmas trip a couple of years ago. It truly opened my eyes to how blessed we are in the United States. It also showed me how much my faith depended on my surroundings. All the children I met were so faithful, and they have very little material wise. It’s humbling to experience their day to day life. I would not trade that experience for anything! I hope that I am able to go back one day to see everyone I met and continue to build the relationships that were formed on my trip. I also bonded with my HOHAL team on personal level in that short amount of time, and the unity among us was truly a family.”

-Alexa B, 20 (Grove Oak, AL)

“I took my trip with the HOHAL team back in December of 2017 and it was the most eye-opening experience of my life. I attended church with Caden and saw how great of an experience it was for them so I decided to reach out and join them for a trip. This group was able to show so much love and happiness even in the midst of stress of trying to make everything perfect. I made closer bonds with everyone on the team and I have so many memories to carry throughout the rest of my life. There is no other group I would rather go with to a country of so much poverty because they were able to make everyone feel safe and not worry about anything. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life and I would love to go back again, especially with HOHAL.”

-Whitley F, 20 (Fyffe, AL)

“To take part in such a humbling trip to Haiti with HOHAL, serving side by side, and being purposed for the moments shared has forever changed my life. God showed out providing for our family to go not once, but twice, through fundraisers offered. It has been a joy to see God grow this ministry. We attended church with Caden when her passion began a spark within us. The power of God is evident from packaging parties to praise and worship with the kids at the RÈV Home. I look forward to the days we get to be hands on again in Haiti with HOHAL. Through HOHAL, God has allowed us faces and names to pray for! We are able to be a part of a sponsorship and have ways to stay in touch. I would encourage others to get involved. God is changing lives!”

-Jessica M (Rainsville, AL)

“Going into this trip, I had no expectations. I was a little nervous because we didn’t know the HOHAL team all that well, but I’m telling you in the first couple of days they felt like family. I think about this trip so often because I loved every second of it. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I got to make so many new relationships with people there and people on the team. God was so evident there and to see Him work in my heart and in the lives around me was such a blessing. I wouldn’t trade that week for anything. HOHAL will always have a special place in my heart and I truly hope I can go back!!!”
-Josie P, 15 (Roanoke, VA)

“Mission work is something I have always had on my heart and in the back of my mind for several years, and the opportunity to go to Haiti with HOHAL came about a couple of years ago, and I have been on two different mission trips to Haiti with HOHAL since then. It is a trip that will forever change your heart and your mind. It is amazing how much this bunch can do. Just as soon as one trip is finished plans are being made for what needs to be done for the next trip. Everything is planned and organized with detail, and when those plans change or do not go as expected once you get there they adapt, adjust, and keep right on going. You can tell their heart and minds are there to serve God and the people they meet. I have memories that I will always cherish from those trips, and I look forward to being blessed with future trips with HOHAL.”

-R.B. Dunn

“I have always wanted to be involved in mission work. I think it is part of our Christian duties to help and serve others. I have been blessed to make three trips with HOHAL to Haiti, and every time I go, I am reminded how blessed I am. It is an experience that will make you stop and realize all that we take for granted. I would encourage anyone who has ever considered mission work to go with HOHAL just one time, and I promise you, you think you are going to make a difference, but the difference will be made in you. This organization truly want to serve and help others. Their hearts are big and loving, and it shows in the work they do while they are there.”

-R. Dunn